Design your own Three Stone Anniversary Rings

A popular style of a diamond anniversary ring is the three stone ring. It represents the past, present and future in a relationship. To design your own three stone anniversary ring, you can choose from two different styles of settings which are basket prong settings or Trellis settings. The diamond shapes available for a three stone ring are emerald cut, princess cut and round brilliant cut. You can start the process by either choosing the setting first or by choosing the diamond s first. You can use the search filters and the sliders to narrow your search options. In the diamonds search section you will see a carat total weight of the three diamonds together, we have already pre-matched the diamonds for you so that the finished ring features three diamonds that match perfectly.

  • Shape
  • Price
    $50 - $4000
  • Metal

    14kt White Gold

    14kt Yellow Gold



    18kt White Gold

    18kt Yellow Gold

A Three stone ring personifies love. It depicts the love you shared with your partner in the past, the love you still have for one another and the love that you will continue to share in the future. Three stone rings are usually given as a gift on an anniversary, but some also like the idea of a three stone ring as an engagement ring. Usually the three stone rings used for engagement rings, will tend to have a larger diamond in the centre and two smaller ones on each side. The three stones do not need to be the exact same shape. You can have a princess cut diamond in the centre and a radiant cut diamond on each side. Or a round brilliant diamond in the centre and two trilliant diamonds on the side. Some ring designs also feature small pave diamonds going down the sides of the shank.

The traditional three stone anniversary rings would have three stones of the same shape such as three round brilliant diamonds. The centre diamond can be slightly bigger than the two diamonds on the side, or you can choose to have all three diamonds of the same carat weight. The most popular shapes used for an anniversary ring are; round brilliant, princess cut, oval shape and emerald cut.

You can design your own three stone ring if you have an idea of what you like, you can always contact a representative at, who will be happy to help you find or design the anniversary ring you have in mind. Different gemstones such as Sapphires and Rubies may also be added to increase the significance of your anniversary ring.

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