Design your own Engagement Ring

By following three simple steps you can design the engagement ring of your dreams. Either choose to ‘Select a Setting’ first or click on the ‘Select a Diamond’ tab to choose the diamond first. You can narrow the search options by choosing the diamond shape you prefer and if you are on the settings tab, the engagement ring options will change accordingly depending on the diamond shape they can be set with. You can then choose the metal of your choice; once the engagement ring and diamond are selected you will see them listed on the top of the page. From there you can once again choose to change the diamond or the setting if you need to, or if you are happy with your choice, simply add them to the cart.

  • Shape
  • Price
    $50 - $4000
  • Metal

    14kt White Gold

    14kt Yellow Gold



    18kt White Gold

    18kt Yellow Gold





Cathedral Basket

Classic Solitiare

Double Groove

Gemstone Narrow

Gemstone Wide


Semi Mount


Wedding Set
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