GIA & EGL Certified Loose Diamonds from Diamondsafe

The integrity of the jewelry trade has enhanced and improved because of the EGL certification and GIA certification. The exceptional services and insurance of quality through education, science and innovation has helped to gain immense trust from people. EGL certified diamonds or GIA certified diamonds are analysed properly and thoroughly by a gemologist before it is certified.

The quality of diamonds is analyzed through the following points; CARAT to measure the weight of a diamond an electronic scale is used. The weight of a diamond depends on the proportions, measurements and facet angles of the diamond. COLOR - The color of certified loose diamonds is analyzed by comparing them with other stones that have supreme color and clarity. Some gemologists also use calibrated lights to judge the color of certified diamonds. CLARITY- A microscope with a minimum of 10x magnification is usually used to analyse the clarity of diamonds. POLISH AND SYMMETRY of a diamond is judged by careful inspection. FLUORESCENCE of an EGL certified loose diamond is judged with the help of long-wave UV rays.

The cost of a loose diamond depends on the EGL certification or GIA certification. Therefore, if a certified loose diamond has a high price, then it is better and clearer than others with a much lower price.

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